BeatSessions 01|24|10 (Teddy Pendergrass Tribute)

Teddy Pendergrass (3/26/50 – 1/13/10)

He gave us soul classics like “Turn Off The Lights”, “Close The Door”, “Love TKO” and countless others – not to mention the songs he did while he was part of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. In 1982, he was involved in a automobile accident which he became paralyzed from the waste down. And since then, he and his foundation have been strong advocates for those with spinal cord injuries. Late 2009 he underwent colon cancer surgery, but recovery from the surgery was too much as he died on Jan 13th at the age of 59. While he died only at 59, his music lives on. RIP Teddy.

Original Sample:

And If I had by Teddy Pendergrass

Featured Beats and Producers:

Paragraphs Over Pendergrass by SoyisReal (Orlando, FL)

Confessions by Daniel Riofrio (Orlando, FL)

The Sloppy Professional / Feelings by Sideways (Orlando, FL)

We’re Living Now by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

Thats All I Have by PMBeatz (Washington, DC)

If I Had by TekTheIntern

Other Songs Which Use This Sample:

Devil’s Pie by D’Angelo (Produced by D’Angelo and DJ Premier)

Cradle To The Grave by Mobb Deep (Produced by Havoc)

About The Weekly Beat Sessions | Hosted by Generation ILL

1ne Sample | Multiple Producers | Multiple Beats each and every week. Hosted by Generation ILL.
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7 Responses to BeatSessions 01|24|10 (Teddy Pendergrass Tribute)

  1. PMBeatz says:

    All the beats were fire. My personal fav is Soy’s beat. Loved the layering of the samples. And the chopping. Nice job!

  2. beatsessions says:

    Yeah soy’s beat was mad ill. Good job everyone. Havoc and primo’s were pretty damn good too. Lol

  3. tektheintern says:

    whooooooooooooooaaaaaa….. gooood week.. damn good week… yo soy & pm, sideways… ohh mannn .. incredible.

    side note: i gotta do a beat tape or something for dude didn’t realize he died the day my son was born.

  4. 25/8 says:

    agree is was a great week and def agree that soy took the cake!

  5. Evan P. says:

    I like that Soy joint too, but I gotta say that Tek took it home. Everyone did great though.

  6. daniel riofrio says:

    werd this guy soy beast it

  7. Duma says:

    hahah…i was gonna comment on Soy’s beat too. guess i wasn’t the only one who thought that shit was fire.

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