BeatSession 03|07|10

The first record I ever sampled was an old 45 from my dad’s record collection. It was a filipino group called “Soul Jugglers.” I soon discovered that there were a ton of filipino soul records that were cut back in the 70s. While this song isn’t from my dad’s collection, this song, and other OPM (Original Pinoy Music) classics, always bring me back to when I first started making beats. There’s a lot of dope filipino records that have yet to be sampled. Lupe Fiasco used Celeste Legaspi’s Bolero Medley for Kick Push. This week we used Rico Puno’s “Sorry Na, Pwede Ba?” Enjoy. peace, illa

Original Sample:

Featured Beats and Producers:

Simple Sometimes by TekTheIntern (Orlando, FL)

SevenTwentySevenPM by PMBeatz (Washington, DC)

Rest Your Soul by Sideways (Orlando, FL)

Precious by C. Bran (Charlotte, NC)

Maganda Music by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

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1 Response to BeatSession 03|07|10

  1. Ambush says:

    Once again I have had a busy weekend and did not have time to jump on this. I promise I will submit this weeks!

    Tek does it AGAIN! Dog, lemme buy that drum(s)! Loop it up. I love it.

    PM BEATZ always has me amazed by his ANTHEMS!!!!! SO DOPE!!!!!

    Sideways: LOVE the efx!! IT sounds trippy but well put together!! VERY NICE!

    C. Brian: I like it. ADD MORE UGNUNMPH to your drums! The chops were PERFECT! You hear Tek and PM drums? Make em knock.

    Yall know I take all the weekly beats and pump in my truck? SOOOO DOPE!

    This is my favorite site.
    Please yall keep it up!

    Stay blessed

    DJ Ambush of HeliumMusic Group

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