BeatSession 03|28|10

This weekend I had 5 guests stay over my place: My cousin from NYC along w/ three of his friends + my brother (who was celebrating his birthday). Good times indeed. Despite playing host, sleeping late, and the festivities on south beach, I surprisingly found time to make a beat for this week. I got some help from my brother Mikey (aka Trueflip) who helped out w/ my arrangement of the chops.

This week’s sample, Back Against The Wall, is from Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack to Robert M. Young’s Film, “Short Eyes”, a film adaptation of Miguel Piñero’s 1974 broadway play. Short Eyes is prison slang for a Pedophile and this film displays day-to-day prison life and the experiences of a man wrongly accused of raping a child. Curtis Mayfield is one of my favorite artists and his performance on this track is amazing. Knowing the back story to the track always gives it more meaning. Also, check out 9th Wonder’s take on the sample which was used for Rapper Big Pooh’s tracked called Scars (from the Sleepers album). Thanks for tuning in each week. peace, illa

Original Sample:

Back Against The Wall by Curtis Mayfield

Featured Beats and Producers:

Back Against The Wall by C. Bran (Charlotte, NC)

Back Against The Wall by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

Don’t Think It’ll Never Come by PMBeatz (Washington, DC)

I’m Back by Sideways (Orlando, FL)

The Story Of My Life by illa (Miami, FL)

Tulips by TekTheIntern (Orlando, FL)

Another Song Which Uses This Sample:

Scars (Cut me deep) by Rapper Big Pooh (Produced by 9th Wonder)

About The Weekly Beat Sessions | Hosted by Generation ILL

1ne Sample | Multiple Producers | Multiple Beats each and every week. Hosted by Generation ILL.
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3 Responses to BeatSession 03|28|10

  1. 25/8 says:

    damn everyone came wit straight fire! c. bran im really feeling that smooth track! it really has that little brother feel to it.

  2. C. Bran says:

    Thanks for the props 25/8. I think everyone did it on this one. I’m feeling everything.

  3. PMBeatz says:

    Everybody had a dope beat. I still wasn’t happy with the mixdown of mine. I tried twice. Lol. Can’t seem to get the levels right.

    But, I def. feel what you sayin, 25/8. Btw, ur beat was fire also. U got better in your mixdowns I noticed. Sideways, u really killed it with the first portion of ur beat. Like, def. one of my favs from you. I told iLLa that via text. And, iLLa & Mikey, fire fire fire! What did you do to ur bass line to make it sound wide? Sick!

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