BeatSession 04|25|10 (GURU TRIBUTE)

When I think of the word “Hip Hop”, I immediately think Gang Starr. It’s always been that way. Guru’s smooth raspy voice spittin’ knowledge over the simple, yet raw beats of DJ Premier. Scratch in some hip hop quotables for a chorus and you got the formula for a classic track. They were the pioneers of Hip Hop’s Golden Age.

Separately, they’re still great. Guru, fusing Jazz and Hip Hop with his Jazzamatazz series showcasing jazz musicians to a new audience. Then showing his rhymes are still fresh without his partner in crime on his solo album, Bald Head Slick.

DJ Premier? Well, I’ve followed his production spanning over two decades and learned that if he produces at least one track on an album, then that album will have AT LEAST one good track. It’s hard to find an emcee who hasn’t worked with him at one point of their career, especially in the 90’s. He inspired me to make beats.

Together, they’re one of the most respected duos in Hip Hop. No one flows over Premo beats better than Guru. Gang Starr’s one of the few groups who’ve stayed consistent with their unique style of music up until their (rightfully titled) last album, The Ownerz.

Gang Starr = Hip Hop.

Rest in Peace Guru
Rest in Peace Gang Starr
Thank you for the music.

– Sideways

Original Sample:

California Soul by Marlena Shaw

Featured Beats and Producers:

Gifted Unlimited by Sideways (Orlando, FL)

Melody by DJ Robzilla (Gainesville, FL)

Feel the Beat, Gotta Move by illa (Miami, FL)

The Come Up by PMbeatz (Washington, DC)

Souless Cali by TekTheIntern (Orlando, FL)

Guru Tribute by Eladbrit (Gainesville, FL)

Never Forgotten by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

Other Songs Which Use This Sample:

Check The Technique by Gang Starr (produced by DJ Premier)

Midnight in a Perfect World by DJ Shadow (only the drums were used)

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3 Responses to BeatSession 04|25|10 (GURU TRIBUTE)

  1. Eladbrit says:

    Sideways I like the little article. This really sucks that so many people are just dying period these days. It makes me think about how much time I wasted at times and should live everyday like it was my last day. Its so hard to do that but I try to think of myself like, what if I was Guru? what if i was Dilla? I’m sure they would love to see another day and everyday was a blessing. Even Primo in this case…even though they didn’t work together, I’m sure he isn’t well…happy about this and having some regrets even maybe should have created another album etc.

  2. beatsessions says:

    good session everybody. even elad made a beat! the new sample will be sent most likely later this evening. RIP GURU. its a shame that all this extracurricular discussion is happening when we should be celebrating GURU and the music he blessed us with. i’m glad we got a chance to do this tribute…. [but if you read the tags, you’ll see how i really feel about the whole situation]

  3. Eladbrit says:


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