BeatSession 11|09|10

I thought my computer crashed AGAIN, thus the late post. You might remember back in early 2009, my PC crashed and I lost close to 300 beats. That time I lost most of the mp3 files and more importantly the master files. My brother fortunately had a bunch of my beats on his IPOD – but then he wiped it clean and sold it on craigslist. But anyways, miraculously my Macbook booted up earlier today. You would think that I learned my lesson and would have backed up my beats (you would think!). More on this later…

I’ve been trying to stray away from soul samples; My barber (@floc_kra_tes) has been urging us to sample 80’s songs for awhile now (and it will happen, i promise). But when I heard this sample by Jeannie Reynolds, I couldn’t resist. I can’t imagine this song being any more soulful; you can feel the desperation in her voice. I read somewhere that she suffered from a really bad case of bipolar disorder. In fact, they say that in this song, in particular, her ridiculous runs and heightened emotion was attributed to her disorder. In 1980, she committed suicide right after taking the lives of her two children. #MostDepressingPostEver

On a much MUCH lighter note, today was my annual review. It went well… how well? Let’s just say that my first investment will be a 4TB External Hard Drive #LessonLearned. peace, illa

PS – if you haven’t already, don’t forget to cop the EP on iTunes ( or CDbaby (

Original Sample:

I’m Lonely by Jeannie Reynolds

Featured Beats and Producers:

Time Instrumental by Gee (Toronto, Canada)

Missing The Point by 25/8 (Miami, but currently in Haiti…i think)

Stations of The Cross by PMBeatz (Washington, DC)

Fear Wins by Sideways (Orlando, FL)

Think of Me by C. Bran (Charlotte, NC)

Isabelle’s Discovery by Blackph03nix (London, England — but currently in NYC)

The Cold by Blackph03nix (London, England — but currently in NYC)

How I Feel About You by illa (Miami, FL)

Untitled by 1stUp from Livewire Ent. (Greensboro, NC)

Sit And Watch Time by Freshvilla (formerly known as TekTheIntern) (Orlando, FL)

Another Song Which Uses This Sample:

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12 Responses to BeatSession 11|09|10

  1. 25/8 says:

    man i completely locked up on this sample and couldnt chop it up to save my life but all yall absolutely killed this shit! nice job all!

    btw illa, im still in miami–last week i was just workin 24/7 operations shit for the anticipation of hurricane tomas. but everything is back to normal… (fingers crossed)

  2. cosign. DOPE Session.

    @25/8 — Thanks for the update. and you mean 25/8 operations shit. lol

  3. PMBeatz says:

    This week’s beat is by far one of my favorite beats I’ve made. I enjoyed making it.

    That story is really sad. I tried wiki’ing her and nothing popped up, which makes the story of her death even creepier.

    Everyone’s beat was straight fire. I personally liked C Bran’s joint. Killed it!

    Till next session


  4. C. Bran says:

    ‘Preciate the love PM!!! I also loved this sample and actually started out with 4 different songs. I narrowed it down to 2 and the other one didn’t come out as planned.

    I think this was a great session, 7 producers……all smashing this song. Fav’s are of course the PM jointz and the ending of Illa’s was crazy!!!

    Keep picking these sappy songs!!!!

  5. Blackph03nix says:

    Man, I have to say I’m missing my dinky p bass – the bass I’m using now doesnt give me the complete feel I need….Great to be a part of such an awesome line up guys!

    @Illa: Nicely done pal!

  6. 1stup says:

    i sent in one … i must not have made the cut but its all good… cbran u know u killed it …the gee went hard i was really liking the change ups ..pmbeatz dope wow pmbeatz… just wow ..ur joint is craaazzzyyy……..

  7. whats up 1stup… i re-checked the email and didn’t see it. If you can, resend it to and i’ll add the beat to the post. peace, illa

  8. Al Love says:

    Just in case. One of my faves from this album. Hot tracks, y’all.

  9. E Dot says:

    Is there any way someone could send me this sample? Plz

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