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BeatSession 03|28|11 (Nate Dogg Tribute)

Original Sample: The Edge by David McCallum This week, we celebrate the life and music of Nate Dogg (born as Nathaniel Hale) who recently passed away on March 15th, 2011 at age 41. His laid back baritone voice became the … Continue reading

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BeatSession 03|21|11

Original Sample: I Don’t Wanna Leave You [Promo/Demo Version] by Debbie Taylor Debbie Taylor is an enigma. I did a search on her online and google gave me 151,000 results. All the relevant sites about her had the same exact … Continue reading

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BeatSession 03|14|11

Original Sample: Armaguedon by Ástor Piazzolla / Un Flic by Isabelle Aubret / L’Armee Des Ombres by Éric Demarsan This week’s sample is actually an audio trailer which features music from three separate french movies from the early 1970s. I … Continue reading

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BeatSession 03|07|11

Original Sample: Where is She Today by Positive Change We try to post these BeatSessions by 11:59pm each Monday night. But that is a goal, not a rule. And tonight is one of those times where its a little late. … Continue reading

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BeatSession 02|28|11

Original Sample: You Think of Him (You Think of Her) by Esther Phillips In 1949, a young 14-year old girl by the name of Esther Mae Jones entered an amateur contest at a local blues club in LA. She was … Continue reading

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