BeatSession 09|05|11

Original Sample:

Something in me by Norman Feels

Norman Feels released two classic soul albums in 1973 and 1974. Not many people know about these two albums — or even about Norman Feels — but I will still use the word classic to describe these albums. The word classic means something that is a perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality. It’s hard to believe that an amazing artist like this was so grossly under-recognized.

I’m exhausted from this long Labor Day weekend, so I wanted to keep this short. But make sure to check out the quick updates below for some really amazing projects from WBS producers.

Quick Updates:
MEH MOGYA (SAMPLE OF ME) by Larry Achiampong (Blackph03nix) – An amazing project from Blackph03nix based purely on Ghanaian Highlife samples.
Beats & Rhymes: A Remixed Journey by Agent Smith 78 – A dope collection of remixes courtesy of Agent Smith 78.

peace, @illa0804/@generationill

Featured Beats and Producers:

Karma Initiative by Francis Peralta (Toronto, Canada)

(45)Side Of Me by NeV (Augusta, GA)

Missing Joint by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

Born Alone Die Alone by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Time II by Gee (Toronto, Canada)

Delicious Voodoo by Sideways (Portland, OR)

City of Gods Remix by Mr. Kwazi (Ontario, Canada)

Untitled by Dondon (Paranaque, Philippines)

I’ma Learn Ya by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

There’s Something by 1stup (Greensboro, NC)

Needy by C. Bran (Charlotte, NC)

What I Want by Justin de Guzman (Manila, Philippines)

Understand by thadizzie1 (San Francisco, CA)

Passing Time (Rough Draft/Snippet) by illa (Miami, FL)

Redemption Series #6 by Chrizo (Las Piñas, Philippines)

About The Weekly Beat Sessions | Hosted by Generation ILL

1ne Sample | Multiple Producers | Multiple Beats each and every week. Hosted by Generation ILL.
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12 Responses to BeatSession 09|05|11

  1. C. Bran says:

    Everybody came with some heat on this one!!!! @Blackph03nix – love the drum selection homie. @ Francis Peralta – nice chops. @Mr. Klimatic – I’m diggin’ that joint.

  2. Dope session everyone. Peralta-dope opening and steady flow. NeV-was like “Damn!” at 1:03 and them chops stay sharp! BP-stupid dope fresh drums…..I swear you’re the second coming of Madlib or better yet the first you. Gee-nice build up and track all around. Sideways-was diggin’ your kick and rimshot selection. Good overall flow to the track. Mr. Kwazi-great old school feel. Dondon-nice chops. 25/8-like how every week you give the sample that bounce! dope. 1stup- dope track. Had a nice eerie feel to it. C. Bran- dope chops. Justin de Guzman-diggin’ that “punch you in the face” clap! Dizzie-nice boom-bap/swing feel. Illa-as always keeping it gutta! Nice.

    I’m just proud to be amongst talented people. I really can’t express it enough.

  3. Dondon says:

    Wow.. Another Great session this week. Keep making Good Music ya’ll
    Mr Klimatic: Thanks my man

    Peace love n Respect..

  4. GUYS!
    I swear every time I’m done with a session I feel like “OK I’ve learned a lot, done!”, but it keeps on getting deeper and deeper each week!

    There is way too much to mention here so I will keep it short – we are **** hot and should be proud of ourselves. I’m still trying to process how we manage to flip the samples every which way.

    Thanks a lot C.Bran and Mr. Klimatic, illa and the rest of the WBS fam. I hope you enjoy the LP, because you have all individually inspired me in the creation of the project.

    Much Love and Respect.


  5. 1stup says:

    This is 1stup …. @livewire06 …..Thanks Mr.Klimatic your joint has that bounce to it ……@francis peralta dope track ….@nev i see the video and a smooth in the pocket rapper bouncin back and forth between the hood cookout and a nice car riden around urban city at dawn …dope …..@sideways ….ilike this one

  6. Francis Peralta says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone…Everybody murdered the sample this week…I’m running out of superlatives to say coz every week is Fire! til next week!

  7. great session fellas! really smooth sample! honorable head banger mentions: Francis P-love that chill feel, Klimatic-thanks for the “bounce” compliment but homie for real u brought that bounce this week! i was on the edge of my seat bop’n feeling like juicy j music! lol! , Kwazi-felt like i was listenin to a new heatmakerz track! killed it! , and 1stup!-love that 1/4 bar switch up chop! thas a secret weapon! lol!

    btw where the hell has agent smith 78 been anyways?! he always brought that SERIOUS HEAT!

    ne wayz that was my 3 cents for the week!

  8. goin thru the rest of them now ……..DAMMIT DONDON killed it …that is crracck…..cbran i see u wit the sped up sample ..i had to go the opposite route for the rapper i got goin on it ….

  9. Dondon says:

    @Brian Staples: Thank you..

  10. kwazi says:

    Folks, thanks for the comments. It was a pleasure. I made it on the train and submitted it when I got into town, so it’s not perfect – but it works. Good sounds this week.

    I have limited time and internet, so I’ll see if I can participate this week.


  11. Agent Smith 78 says:

    Another dope Session everyone. I’m been too busy working on other projects to get in any of the beat sessions, but I plan on returning to it next month. @25/8 Thanks for the props, I’ll try my best not to disappoint when I return. Also big thanks to Illa for giving my album a plug, appreciate that.

  12. Def Justice says:

    A week later…and i’m still bangin out that Mr. Klimatic joint.

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