BeatSession 11|08|11 (MJM1 Fifth Anniversary)

The Original Sample:

It’s Madness by Marvin Gaye

Last month marked the fifth anniversary of Madison Joints Mixtape Vol. 1 (MJM1) a release from my old group, Native Imports. The group was comprised of Soco (emcee), Kimistry (emcee), and myself (emcee/producer). While it may have not been the direct cause of WBS, I do believe it was a catalyst to certain events that would ultimately lead to the Weekly Beat Sessions we know today. Through Kimistry, I met Sideways. And Eladbrit reached out to us back in 2005. If you add PMBeatz, who I already knew from undergrad, that’s a grand total of three people that I knew in central Florida that made beats. In 2006, I moved in with Soco and Kimistry at an apartment complex called Madison Pointe. This place became a central hang-out spot for Native Imports and friends we knew that made music. It was there, and around that time, that we began meeting to have Beat Sessions. Be sure to check out Soco’s feature on

MJM1 was a 21-track offering which featured several guest artists including production by Sideways and PMBeatz. The group broke up before MJM2 was released. But thanks in part to an external hard-drive that miraculously started working again, I was able to compile a collection of unreleased songs. Most of the songs were never finished and/or were not mixed down properly. Some of the solo tracks were unintentional-solos. Majority of the songs do not have choruses. But despite all that, when heard collectively, it’s a snapshot of a great time in our lives that consisted of making music, live performances, and hanging out with great people. We were doing what we loved. We decided to call these tracks, The Lost Joints, a 23 track offering of unreleased songs and rarities which also includes production by Eladbrit and Sideways.

Here’s a preview of 3 tracks off The Lost Joints:

Rock To The Rhythm by Native Imports (Prod by Eladbrit)

Stop For No One feat. DJ Loki by Native Imports (Prod by illa)

Change on a Dimepiece by Native Imports (Prod by illa)

This week we sampled It’s Madness by Marvin Gaye. It is the same sample that I used for Stop For No One. The producers also received the acapella with the option to do a remix. As you’ll see, it was strong week by everyone!

Quick Updates/Links:
Madison Joints Mixtape Vol. 1 by Native Imports – Free Download (21 Tracks)
The Lost Joints by Native Imports – Free Download (23 Tracks)
Fifth Anniversary of MJM1: The Pledge, The Turn, The Prestige by Soco – A recap and reflection

peace, @illa0804/@generationill

Featured Beats and Producers:

Native Imports – Stop For No One Remix by PMBeatz (Washington, DC)

Native Imports – Stop For No One Remix by Eladbrit (Orlando, FL)

FLIRTALOT JOINT by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

Stop For No One (Rest Stop Remix) by Sideways (I-90W Rest Stop, WA)

You know what this is, right? (Stop For No One Remix) by Chrizo (Las Piñas, Philippines)

Something I Can’t Say by Ambush (Charlotte, NC)

Native Imports – Stop For No One (Kwazi ReFIX) by Mr. Kwazi (Ontario, Canada)

Where is my Mind by Gee (Toronto, Canada)

In ur ❤ Like Butter by Blackph03nix (London, England)

oooooh34 by Dr. No (Richmond, VA)

Find Your Destiny (Stop For No One Remix) by NeV (Augusta, GA)

Pain (Stop For No One Remix) by Twitch Beats (Hollis, NY)

Native Imports – Stop For No One Remix by Agent Smith 78 (Chicago, IL)

Native Imports – Stop For No One Remix by Dondon (Paranaque, Philippines)

She’s Gone by Def Justice (Washington, DC)

Hard to Find by Enfinity (Winter Park, FL)

Stop For No One (Remix) by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

Pro Flips Son! (Our Levels Aren’t The Same!) by Sev Seveer (Chicago, IL)

Native Imports – Stop For No One (Remix) by Hi-Rock (Toronto, Canada)


Native Imports – Stop For No One Remix by RobotOxford (Orlando, FL)

About The Weekly Beat Sessions | Hosted by Generation ILL

1ne Sample | Multiple Producers | Multiple Beats each and every week. Hosted by Generation ILL.
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10 Responses to BeatSession 11|08|11 (MJM1 Fifth Anniversary)

  1. Eladbrit says:

    I know I been out of the sessions for more than a year but I just had to do this one. Native I pretty much kept me going making beats. With meeting up soco, pj, kim, pm and sideways Was pivitol i was at the time thinking of giving up music even as a hobby, sell my gear etc. im real glad i didnt and my production skills skyrocketed at least to something remotely listenable i hope lol

  2. I’m glad you never sold your stuff Elabrit. That convo we had in NYC over a year ago was of great inspiration. I’m embarressed by some of the stuff I was making a year ago, but I’m happy I stuck in there and it was great to meet yourself, Soco, PM and Illa. DO NOT GIVE UP, there is something special in what you do bro. You inspired me!

    Peace all, great working on this session!


  3. man i can wholeheartedly say i enjoyed EVERYONE’S beat to the MAX this week! very dope session!

  4. I agree with 25/8. Everyone’s beat made me do the ugly face. Loved all the remixes too especially. I finally got a chance to get back on the sessions. I had a blast making this beat. Looking forward to the next.

  5. Sev Seveer says:

    Lotta dope work on here! Agent Smith!! hoooo! PMbeatz, that kick is lovely

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