BeatSession 12|06|11

The Original Sample:

Looking For You by Nino Ferrer

Majority of the people I work with have no idea I do music. They don’t know what Generation ILL is nor have they ever visited the Weekly Beat Sessions. They probably don’t know what it means to chop up a sample nor what a sample even is for that matter. But I’m fine with that. While they’re talking about profit margins and budgets, I’m thinking about drum breaks and diggin’ for records. For now, I like that separation. Hospital Administration and Hip Hop don’t really mix well, but that’s me… it’s who I am. Healthcare and Hip Hop. That’s why I made it the topic of my personal statement when applying for jobs after college.

Similarly, a prehistoric archaeologist is hardly the career you’d think would be a precursor to an amazing journey in music. Enter Nino Ferrer: french/italian singer, actor, and jazz musician. Soon after graduating college in the late 50s with a degree in ethnology and prehistoric archaeology, he began exploring the world. He hitched a ride on a cargo ship and hit up archaeological sites around the globe. In between digs, he picked up several hobbies. In addition to painting, he developed an interest for music learning piano, guitar, clarinet, trombone and trumpet. When he returned home, he put archaeology in the past (get it?) and began accompanying various jazz artists in and around Paris. He then began writing and composing music, but it wasn’t until hearing the music of artists like Otis Redding and Same Cooke, that his style began to take form.

Nino went on to record some amazing music. He dabbled not only in jazz, but also in genres such as rhythm & blues and rock. He had a successful career, but many times felt like the success of one track overshadowed the cohesive sound he tried to achieve on his albums. He tried to create an “experience” when he made albums which is demonstrated by his use of sound effects in his songs. He continued to do music in the 70s, 80s, and 90s with several intermittent breaks. In the mid 90s he retired for good and returned home to spend time with his family. He was greatly affected by the death of his mother in 1998 — so much, in fact, that sadly he took his own life just one month after her death.

peace, @illa0804/@generationill

Featured Beats and Producers:

Lucky For You by Bruce Juice (Orlando, FL)

What to do by Agent Smith 78 (Chicago, IL)

No Speed Zone by Sideways (Portland, OR)

Looking For You by Hi-Rock (Toronto, Canada)

Blood and Rivers (Catch 22) by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Lookin For You-slimmed by Mr. Kwazi (Ontario, Canada)

Deceiving Agenda by NeV (Augusta, GA)

Reckless by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

THIS SONG JOINT by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

Interloop 3.1 by thadizzie1 (San Francisco, CA)

I by Dreh (London, England)

About The Weekly Beat Sessions | Hosted by Generation ILL

1ne Sample | Multiple Producers | Multiple Beats each and every week. Hosted by Generation ILL.
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6 Responses to BeatSession 12|06|11

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed. Loving the range this week.

  2. bruce juice KILT IT!!!

    hi-rock put in work as well this week!

  3. BLACKPHO3NIX that track is MONSTER Bruce JUICE Killed it and Klimatic NASTY CHOPS homie good session everyone let’s keep this movement going strong

  4. Everyone killed it!!!! Black, Juice N 25/8… Bruh!!!! SIdeways… Everyone… F’n Hot shit peeps!!!

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