BeatSession 01|24|12

The Original Sample:

Band on the Run by Paul McCartney & Wings

Each year around this time I let my friend (and avid WBS listener) pick the sample.  She usually picks a song we wouldn’t normally sample (e.g. see her back-up selection). And that’s a good thing.  If you’ve been keeping tabs, you’ll notice that my sample selections are generally limited to the following:  soul, progressive/psychedelic rock, soul, occasional jazz, and more soul. Last year she selected Pat Benetar’s Love is a Battlefield (BeatSession 01|24|11). This week, she selected the classic song, Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and his post-Beatles group, Wings.  It’s one of those songs that you hear on a road trip while scanning random radio stations. It’s one of those songs you never think to sample, or don’t have the guts to. But why not? Its three-part structure, all of which are completely different, lends itself to a variety of ways to be flipped as demonstrated by this week’s submissions.

Paul McCartney later admitted that the three parts were actually unfinished songs mashed together. But it works so well since the song tells a three part story: the feeling of being imprisoned, the dreaming of being free, and the escape.

Be sure to tune in next week when we celebrate the life and career of Etta James.

Quick Updates:
Ashley Robles x American Idol – Be sure to support Ashley Robles who made it through to Hollywood in the San Diego auditions. She was featured on several tracks on Deep Foundation’s First Draft and was featured on a remix on the Deep Foundation x Hydroponikz x Generation ILL EP.

peace, @illa0804/@generationill

Featured Beats and Producers:

Southern Man by Emowsky (Świętochłowice, Poland)

Ruuunnn!!!! by thadizzie1 (San Francisco, CA)

RJay of LDP – FFF Remix by BoJam of FlipMusic (Pasig, Philippines)

Nowhere to Run by NeV (Augusta, GA)

BRUN JOINT by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

OnTheRun by Thyro of Flipmusic (San Juan, Philippines)

Sundance 2012 interlude by Sideways (Park City, UT)

15 Years to Life by Hi-Rock (Toronto, Canada)

Gotham Knights by The Brave and the Bold of Beast Coast (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Give the Cheek or the Heel by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Masama Ba? by SPNZ (Makati City, Philippines)

Dembou On The Run by Alwyn Villaruel of FlipMusic (Manila, Philippines)

No One Like You by Def Justice (Washington, DC)

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3 Responses to BeatSession 01|24|12

  1. simon89 says:

    Southern Man by Emowsky is DOPE!!!

  2. Mal says:

    Go Go Poland !.

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