Love to The World Prayer by L.T.D. – BeatSession 04|17|12

L.T.D. Love To The World

The Original Sample:

Love to The World Prayer by L.T.D.

The last adventure illa was on involved him going back in time. Well, he’s back now…and apparently he brought Tupac back with him. Did you see that? Crazy. He was rocking the stage with Snoop and Dr. Dre. Tupac that is– not illa. Illa had since been in his Dreamatorium creating new music and discovering the answers to the mysteries of the universe.

Speaking of dope producers, the Mizell brothers produced this week’s sample. Not only did they lace their jazz fusion style on L.T.D.’s album, Love to the World, but they also produced for the likes of Michael Jackson, Bobbie Humphrey, and Donald Byrd.

Quick Update:

► BPM [Beats Per Minute] – Congrats to ChrizoBojam, and B-Roc on holding Manila’s first ever beat workshop this past weekend. From what I hear, it was a huge success and the word on the street is that some of their students might soon be WBS participants! Good job fellas.

peace, @bsoco /@generationill

On to the next…

Featured Beats and Producers:

Jazzy by PMBeatz (Washington, DC)

Walk in The Clouds by thadizzie1 (San Francisco, CA)

Ecstatic Altitude by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Love oh Love by by Enfinity (Winter Park, FL)

DLROW JOINT by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

Love to the world (Rough mix) By Dondon (Paranaque, Philippines)

Worlds Agent Smith 78 (Chicago, IL)

Blu Remix [Ruff Snippet] by illa (Miami, FL)

Coin Toss by Hi-Rock (Toronto, Canada)

Pizza and Doughnuts (Bridgetown Weekend) by Sideways (Portland, OR)

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4 Responses to Love to The World Prayer by L.T.D. – BeatSession 04|17|12

  1. Everyone killed it!!! But where’s Hi-Rock n Nev???

  2. T says:


    have not dropped by in a while and i amnot on Twitter anymore, but yeah..i still get the email…love the sessions!! keep doing what ya’ll do!! its needed to keep music alive and well!!!

  3. Dizzle by a nose. Illa almost had it though. IMHO of course…

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