7th Wonder – BeatSession 12|04|12

07th Wonder LP

The Original Sample:

Living My Life Just For You by 7th Wonder

Don’t worry…  I haven’t  quit making beats. And although the producer roster is receiving samples three days late and sessions are being posted the day after it’s supposed to, WBS is not going anywhere. Since moving to NYC, it’s been tough finding Wifi.  The unsecured Linksys account next door has caught on to me — causing me to resort to random coffee shops throughout the city to post these sessions. The good news is that CableVision is setting up the cable and internet at my new Brooklyn spot on Thursday.

Until then, here I am… The good news is I found a bar two blocks from my new job that has a dope happy hour + free Wifi. New York has been treating me well and I’m starting to get into a routine. This means, I’m gonna get back into doing what I love. I moved up here with just a back pack and a carry on… everything else was craiglisted (except my records)… So, I’m gonna start buying back my equipment and upgrading. Anyways, that’s the update from me. This week’s sample comes from 7th Wonder’s 1979 release, Climbing Higher.

Quick Update:

► Dysphoria by Gee – The Mississauga based artist named Gee is a tag team of his own, both as a Hip Hop lyricist and sample-based producer, heavily influenced by the 90s Boom Bap era. Not only is he a student of Seneca@York studying Independent Music Production, Gee is also WBS fam, so make sure to support the project.  Cop the new project here.

On to the next…

peace, @illa0804 /@GenerationILL

Featured Beats and Producers:

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