Mandrill – BeatSession 11|13|13


The Original Sample:

Khidja by Mandrill

For those that don’t know, I am Filipino. I was born here in the U.S., but my mom is from Pasig and my Dad is from Iloilo. As you probably know already, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, which might have been strongest recorded storm to make landfall,  has devastated the Philippines, particularly on Samar Island, Leyte, and Tacloban City. Cities and towns have been leveled and the death toll reports have been as high as 10,000.

Avid followers of WBS probably have noticed the constant representation of participants from the Philippines and the WBS community consider them family. For that reason, I ask that you help in the relief effort in anyway that you can. I was going to put a list of the obvious channels to donate money (e.g. Red Cross), but I know that in some cases, especially the larger organizations, it is questionable how much of the money actually goes to the country you think you are donating to. For that reason, I’d like to highlight organizations like Damayan Migrant Workers Association which are doing an excellent job mobilizing grassroots donations and getting them directly to Yolanda/Haiyan survivors and affected communities. It’s a great way to make a direct impact. Honestly, I don’t care which charity or site you choose to use, but I just ask that you do. And do research before donating.

Please continue to pray for the Philippines.

This week’s sample comes from Mandrill’s 1974 release, Mandrilland Vol 1.


illa (@illa0804 / @generationill)

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3 Responses to Mandrill – BeatSession 11|13|13

  1. Jacopo Martini says:

    Absolutely incredible!
    Love to your country.

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