Stark Reality – BeatSession 12|08|13

Stark Reality

The Original Sample:

Bustin’ Out Of Doors by Stark Reality

This week’s sample selection is inspired by several trips to the Boston area during the past month. In doing some research regarding Boston’s music scene, I discovered that the jazz/rock fusion group, Stark Reality, was originally formed there — most of it’s members attended Berklee College of Music. This week’s sample comes from their 1970 release, Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop which is a highly improvised concept album which is inspired by Hoagy Carmichael’s children’s show which appeared on PBS. Below is a snippet from the show — interestingly enough, you’ll notice the first song that Carmichael plays at 1:12 is the original inspiration that Stark Reality used for this week’s sample. I guess that means this week’s submissions are interpretations of an interpretation. Solid submissions all around.


illa (@illa0804 / @generationill)

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Mandrill – BeatSession 11|13|13


The Original Sample:

Khidja by Mandrill

For those that don’t know, I am Filipino. I was born here in the U.S., but my mom is from Pasig and my Dad is from Iloilo. As you probably know already, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, which might have been strongest recorded storm to make landfall,  has devastated the Philippines, particularly on Samar Island, Leyte, and Tacloban City. Cities and towns have been leveled and the death toll reports have been as high as 10,000.

Avid followers of WBS probably have noticed the constant representation of participants from the Philippines and the WBS community consider them family. For that reason, I ask that you help in the relief effort in anyway that you can. I was going to put a list of the obvious channels to donate money (e.g. Red Cross), but I know that in some cases, especially the larger organizations, it is questionable how much of the money actually goes to the country you think you are donating to. For that reason, I’d like to highlight organizations like Damayan Migrant Workers Association which are doing an excellent job mobilizing grassroots donations and getting them directly to Yolanda/Haiyan survivors and affected communities. It’s a great way to make a direct impact. Honestly, I don’t care which charity or site you choose to use, but I just ask that you do. And do research before donating.

Please continue to pray for the Philippines.

This week’s sample comes from Mandrill’s 1974 release, Mandrilland Vol 1.


illa (@illa0804 / @generationill)

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Three Ounces of Love – BeatSession 11|04|13

Three Ounces of Love

The Original Sample:

In the Middle of the Feeling by Three Ounces of Love

Napoleon Suarez, Founder of Cratestream / WBS Guest Sample Curator – The sample that we chose for WBS comes from Three Ounces of Love’s 1978 self-titled release. Three Ounces of Love is a sister group from one of the most soulful cities, Detroit during the Motown era.

Our recent partnership with WBS involved picking out the sample that you guys flipped this week. We are looking to do more partnerships down the road, but we felt that this was a natural fit. Cratestream is a site built by producers for producers. The site does nothing but stream dope underground hip hop beats. Looking to knock out a workout and need some rugged beats to get you through? Turn on Cratestream. Need some music to listen to while you and your friends have a dope cipher? Cratestream is the site for you. If you are interested in getting your beats in our rotation, reach out to me, Napoleon Suarez at You can also follow Cratestream on twitter: @Cratestream.

Also, after the jump, be sure to check out the new music from WBS fam, Sinista D.


Napoleon Suarez, Founder of

Featured Beats and Producers:

Update and More New Music From WBS Fam:

Soliloquy by Sinista D – New York based producer, Sinista D, releases this 42-track offering which features tracks for upcoming projects and available beats for collaborations.


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The Grodeck Whipperjenny – BeatSession 10|18|13


The Original Sample:

Conclusions by The Grodeck Whipperjenny

It’s been a while. It’s been an even longer while since we’ve done a write-up for WBS. But it’s long overdue and this week’s session deserves a write-up. I won’t say that the hiatus is because my new day job has me traveling 80% of the week. Nor will l say it’s because I broke my fibula — I can still click a mouse, right? And no, we’re not changing the site’s name to the Biweekly or Monthly Sessions. That’s just crazy talk. But really there’s no excuse. But I do miss digging through samples each week and hearing all the submissions from all the WBS participants all over the world. And from the concerned texts, emails, and messages I’ve received, I know that you guys miss it too. So let’s get back into it.

This week’s sample comes from The Grodeck Whipperjenny which was released in 1970. It’s an amazing LP which originated from a challenge by none other than James Brown. He told his arranger, David Matthews (Not Dave) to capitalize on the hippy psychedelic movement. So David went on to produce this amazing 8-track offering.

Also, after the jump, be sure to check out the new music from WBS Fam, The Beetz and PMBeatz.

On to the next…

peace, @illa0804 /@GenerationILL

Featured Beats and Producers:

Updates and More New Music From WBS Fam:

Respect The Chemistry Mixtape by The Beetz – The Ohio-based beat-making duo, The Beetz, is a weekly staple here at WBS and includes Mr. Klimatic and Chuck The Deuce. Check out their latest project inspired by Breaking Bad, Respect The Chemistry. Listen below and/or click here to support their project.

No Love by Rocky Rivera (Prod by PMBeatz) – PMBeatz is one of the original members of the Generation ILL/WBS collective. Here’s the official video for the first single off of Rocky Rivera’s upcoming album, Gangster of Love. I had the pleasure of finally meeting the super talented first lady of BeatRock Music when she performed in BK last month. She had an amazing set and my highlight was definitely hearing this song be performed lived. Be sure to cop the album on October 29th when it drops. You can purchase her music here and it should have the new album once it drops.

Gangster of Love

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The J. J. Band – BeatSession 09|19|13

The JJ Band

The Original Sample:

Love In Them There Hills by The J. J. Band

This week’s sample comes from the 1970 self-titled release by Belgian progressive soul-jazz band, The J.J. Band. Sample selection courtesy of Chrizo.

peace, @illa0804 /@GenerationILL

Featured Beats and Producers:

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