Valai Osai by Latha Mangeshkar & S.P.B – BeatSession 08|21|12

The Original Sample:

Valai Osai by Latha Mangeshkar & S.P.B

First let’s talk about the sample. It’s not Bollywood — In fact, the language is not even Hindi. It’s Kollywood, the informal term for music used in the Tamil-language films from Tamil Nadu located in the southern-most portion of the Indian peninsula.  Kollywood is derived from combining “Hollywood” with Kodambakkam, the neighborhood which is the center of the Tamil film industry. The sample is from a 1989 film called Sathya. Oh and here’s a video:

Now, let’s talk about how this sample selection came about. I was on vacation this past week in NYC visiting Soco, who just relocated there a week prior. Last wednesday, we decided to hit up a spot called Tandem Bar located in Brooklyn (236 Troutman St. Brooklyn). They got amazing burgers, good drinks, and an eclectic (almost random) selection of dope music. The music was so random that they went from playing an ill chopped and screwed version of the Fugee’s Ready or Not and transitioned to this week’s sample, a Kollywood track from a 1989 film… and somehow it worked. I worried that I wasn’t going to find time to sit down and find a sample during my vacation, but somehow the city picked it for me — with a little help from a friend’s shazam app.

On to the next…

Quick Update:

► Ninks – R.O.Y. (Rhyme of The Year) feat. Aero (Prod. by Chrizo and Bojam) –  Free download which features collaborative production by the WBS fam, Chrizo and Bojam. Also, peep Chrizo’s WBS shout out during his judging of Battle of the Beats in the Philippines.

peace, @illa0804 /@GenerationILL

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3 Responses to Valai Osai by Latha Mangeshkar & S.P.B – BeatSession 08|21|12

  1. Sam Rhansum says:

    Loved that Chrizo gave ya’ll a shout on that video. I been following this site for a few years now, Actually, and it was this site that I first heard of Chrizo and Flava Matikz and asked them to join the first Battle Of The Beats last year. – Sam

    • Sam — what’s good fam? Thanks for the love — I didn’t realize you connected w/ Chrizo/Flava Matikz through WBS. That’s what’s up. I’ve been following your Battle of the Beats movement as well. It’s dope what you’re doing for the beatmaking community over there in the Philippines. peace, illa

      • Sam Rhansum says:

        Yezzir. I found your site when I was “internet diggin” for samples a while back. I had just moved here to the PI and saw that a ton of cats participating were from here too (and a few from my home back in ATL). Always wanted to join up and submit tracks, gotta get my sample chops back up, but only had time to listen to what others had done. Still keep up with the site every week. I love the idea cause you give them a start and a time goal then the rest is left to individual creativity. Still might want to find a way to incorporate your site with our battles in some way. Maybe a section in the night for a “flip that sample” portion.

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